Come to think of it,

You are probably a millennial or a generation Z and for the most, you are one of those every other person has an expectation of about how your life should be or where you should be by now.

For the most part, you probably have great interests and ideas on how to “change the world and make it a better place” but you are scared because as a woman, you would not get the chance to “enjoy some of the pleasures of the everyday woman”.

And I failed to mention, you are probably African! We all know how it is to be a woman in Africa, just a lot of myths and stereotypes to deal with!

But our focus is not to remind you of some of the unfortunate circumstances that we, women in Africa face.

Be you a millennial(age group of 1981-1996), or a generation Z(1997-2012), one thing you should never forget as a woman is that you are a great contributor to the life and future of first yourself, then your community.

You are born to create, support, challenge as well as lead in any society that you find yourself in.

You can only do better if you acquire what is relevant to the needs of the people you desire to influence because that is what is important to you right now!

How would we fail to mention and its contributions to making you relevant?

Whether at home, in your career, among friends, or in school, be guided by your motive and not some myths!

So instead of paying attention to naysayers, pay attention to the drive and purpose that resonates from within!

It’s a new week, dear Data Girl(because you are family), you are a conqueror, therefore go out and conquer!

Start already, get registered for a tech skill, start your impact journey today!

We are, we teach women how to code and earn!