Data Girl Technologies, fostering female Tech Talents In Africa.

Data Girl Technologies fosters the next generation of female tech talents in Africa.

Data Girl Technologies runs her Web Development Bootcamp

Excited to announce that our Holiday BootCamp has already started as promised. During Day1, and 2, we had a great time with the students as our guest trainer Thulile Khanyiledrilled our students on Design thinking. These students spent over 4 hours daily learning and practising the art of critical thinking, problem-solving, ideation, empathy mapping, and much

Our Feature story, Driving Diversity in Africa’s Tech Industry: Data Girl Technologies

We are thrilled to announce that Data Girl Technologies has been featured on the Tech Build Africa’s blog! In an interview with Dare Afolabi, we highlighted our innovative approach towards creating a fair playing ground for women in the tech ecosystem and the impact we’re making in the tech industry in Africa. We’re excited our

How living online has changed Us

How living online has changed Us. When we first learn about the phrase “living online”, it sounds insane not until recently when we realized that life in itself is “virtual”.  Living online has become an integral part of our daily lives, shaping our social, professional, and personal interactions. Not that we don’t already know how

Our design Course is now available!

Enrol in our UI/UX design course today available only at Data Girl Technologies! Are you interested in designing beautiful and user-friendly interfaces? Do you want to learn how to create intuitive user experiences that keep people engaged and coming back for more? If so, this UI/UX design course may be just what you need to

A tech space reachable by all women!

The tech space is a large stretch reachable by everyone who finds it interesting to belong. There are no limits especially for women for what we can achieve.But how can women take part in this innovation? How can we become the success stories we want? How can women who are already thriving continue to thrive?

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