How living online has changed Us.

When we first learn about the phrase “living online”, it sounds insane not until recently when we realized that life in itself is “virtual”.  Living online has become an integral part of our daily lives, shaping our social, professional, and personal interactions. Not that we don’t already know how this space has influenced us but the hope is that while we live on this virtual space, we should never lose touch of reality and ourselves. Here are some ways in which living online has changed us:

It has shaped our Perceptions.

Social media in particular has transformed the way we perceive ourselves and others. The image that we present online, often hides our vulnerabilities and insecurities, creating an unrealistic perception of perfection.

This has led to people becoming obsessed with social media likes and followers, and may have even triggered the mental health that is on the constant rise today.

You need to guard yourself from the toxicity of this space. You can benefit from a lot on here if you choose to consume the right content. The Instagram model you so desperately want to be like is not as perfect as you imagine. Instead of developing a negative self-image, why not unfollow or take a break for your own sanity? At the end of the day, if you are no longer a part of this world, life will still go on.

You can focus on platforms that encourage you to learn skills and become a better version of yourself. Your perception can be changed in the right direction, in fact, it is not bad to have a changed perspective if it is good and improves life.

Personal Privacy Has Been Compromised

The vast amount of personal data we share online has raised privacy concerns. Our online activities are tracked, and personal information can be accessed by third parties without our consent. This has led to a rise in cybercrime and identity theft.

Can we say this is news? Not really. We’ve even heard people say “there is no longer privacy today”. While this appears to be true based on the way we interact online, never forget to protect your privacy at all cost.

More interestingly, is the fact that some of the privacy being breached is caused by us because we give out a lot of information about our lives that is not needed.

The goal here is to ensure that while you meet ends needs online, you should stay safe, healthy and happy.

Not everyone out here thinks as you do, or means good. You ought to be warry about the information you let out! Make sure to always protect yourself.

It’s not as if everything changing since we started living online is bad. We can at least attest that we are beneficiaries of the good of living here. For example, online learning has become more accessible

The internet has also transformed the way we learn. Online courses and tutorials have made education more accessible, breaking down many barriers. The question is, do you know where to search for the right content? We wrote an article on online learning platforms which you can access to learn coding on your own.

Need I mention that living online has also made it easier to work remotely, making it possible to work from anywhere at any time? The earlier you learn the relevant skills to make use of the changes you are caught in, the better.

One thing is sure, online has changed us, is changing and will continue to. The question is what are you changing into? Are you being swallowed up in the whole process or you are controlling it?