Welcome to the month of love where we shed light on the best women-led edu-tech organization in Cameroon, Data Girl Technologies fostering the next generation of female tech talents in Africa. Today everyone talks about learning a tech skill. It might seem as though tech training has become the new gold mine and women in Africa are taking the lead in educating their fellow women and girls with tech skills.

Among the many organizations in Africa that empower women in tech, is the unbeatable Data Girl Technologies, fostering the next generation of female tech talents in Africa. This outstanding women-led tech training organization is a social enterprise, that incubates female tech talents with diverse digital skills ranging from web development, UI/UX design, digital marketing and lots more.

For over 3 years of existence, Data Girl Technologies has trained over 3000 girls across Africa with different tech skills and on different platforms, helping them find jobs, gain financial freedom, and above all playing a key role in elevating poverty that has been rooted in Africa for the longest time now.

Full Stack Web Development training

Speaking of the courses we offer; Data Girl Technologies offers the most sought-after web development Full-stack training in Cameroon. The Full-Stack web development training is Data Girl Technologies’ flagship program that runs for 3 months as a BootCamp to prepare these female developers for the tech market. Global demand for African developers is on the rise. Statistics further indicate that In Africa, women comprise 21% of the total population of developers, whereas the percentage of women junior developers in the US is 15%. and lots of recruiters are seeking a gender balance in their workspaces, thus the dire need to train many female developers to complete these teams. For example, In Nigeria, there are over 85,000 developers, 18% of this being women. With the high gender disparity among software engineers, there is a dire need for more female developers in the tech ecosystem.

Since 2022, Data Girl Technologies has been running her BootCamps in Buea, South West region of Cameroon and in 2023, she extended her training to Bamenda-North West region of Cameroon. The Full-Stack web development training comprises the MERN (Mungo-DB, Express, React, Node JS) stack package which contains the fundamentals of web development from HTML and CSS, through front-end web development frameworks like React, and Bootstrap, then we have javascript for functionality and finally backend where we teach girls server-side web development and database.

With the web development boot camp, our training doesn’t end there. We go out of our way to train our students on version control and work with remote teams where we teach these girls git and GitHub, then we help them build an online presence to promote their skills, and connect with hiring companies and other young professionals.

Our approach to teaching is project-based, where we train using the learning-by-doing method, thus, empowering these women and girls to be problem solvers. At the end of each of every training, we carry out project presentations where we have our students work on real-life projects-solving problems in their communities. Our training is tailored to the current digital needs of businesses as well as the needs of women, helping them gain access to the endless opportunities that lie in tech.

Work Culture at Data Girl Technologies

Our work culture is one that thrives on needs of our students, the interest of the team, and flexibility to the changing times. We promote a positive work environment where we believe every team member is valuable to the growth and expansion of the vison of the organization. Our slogan, “team work makes the dreamwork”, says it best. We are known and trusted for the diversity we advocate for in tech, which is evident in our recruitment process.

In recruiting for both students and team members, we promote an 80-20 female-male work/student ratio respectively in order to create a healthy competition among us and help more girls see the power that lies within them in pursuing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) careers.

Whether you are in business, education, media, arts and entertainment, we provide tailored tech programs geared towards fostering the culture of tech within every walk of life. We provide a safe learning for women and girls to see technology as a stepping stone to achieving all that they can in the ever-evolving tech ecosystem.

What sets Data Girl Technologies apart as a social enterprise is her ability to provide mentorship and coaching sessions to her students before, during and after training. We provide life support mentorship and coaching for every girl that walks through our doors, helping them connect the skills learned to their passions and career intentions. We help them develop critical thinking skills which is very fundamental to their growth in the global market. Not only that, every cohort we organize comes with a unique and new learning approach that is specific to the needs of the students of that session.

The Team at Data Girl Technologies

An organization such as Data Girl Technologies bank on the strength and unity of her team. The team is the dream team. We are made up of very agile and dynamic young people who are passionate, goal-oriented and visionary. Each team member fits perfectly into their specific roles and carries out tasks seamlessly. Every member of the team is fully aware of the vision of the organization and daily, they work tirelessly towards bringing the vision to life.

The team is made up of the detail-oriented Full-Stack Web developer Selma Ndi, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, an excellent Business Development Expert and Design strategist-Eposi Frida, who is the Chief of Operations and Co-founder. We equally have Precious Natang, the avid Content Marketer and Public Relations Officer and our experienced tutors who are passionate about helping these girls learn all the intricacies of the web development curriculum.

While Data Girl Technologies continues to grow and improve, it still stands out among the many tech training institutes in Cameroon as the best female-led edu-tech organization. This is not based on the unique courses it offers only, but more on her state-of-the-art approach to teaching, her versatile team, and her dynamic work culture.

If ever you think of the most reliable, profitable and ideal tech training organization in Cameroon, think of Data Girl Technologies. For those willing to learn about web development in Cameroon, feel free to apply for her web development boot camp, then come prepared to get a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience! You are welcome to Data Girl Technologies.