Best Graduating Student Cohort 2

Most outstanding Student of #cohort2Ngumih Fien . She replicated the Data Girl Website🙂! Ngumih Fien is an aspiring software engineer who recently became a Full-Stack Web Developer. Fien is committed to developing her skills in tech, and is an excellent multitasker. Her blend of tech abilities allows her to be a part of diverse tech communities where

Graduation Ceremony

Last week Saturday the 08th of October, we graduated our 2nd cohort of Full-Stack Web Developers. Congratulations to our Female developers💃🏻👩‍💻 Watching these students give in their all to learning and were finally able to come up with creative digital solutions was proof that our efforts did not go in vein! 3 months might seem

Evolving Women in Tech!

Woman Evolve!  It is no doubt that women in the 21st century are evolving personality-wise, career-wise, perception-wise and in many other areas.  This gender is no joke for real. We have understood our power and we are utilizing it!   This week I encourage you not to relent!  Keep evolving, especially with the positives!  If

Becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer in 3 months!

IS IT REALLY POSSIBLE TO BECOME A FULL-STACK WEB DEVELOPER IN 3 MONTHS? The conversations around Full-Stack Web Development of recent has shifted from the “what” and “how”, to conversations on “time frame”. You can easily find a conversation around “time frame” when flyers troll the internet carrying information such as “learn python in two

Beyond nerdity and programming bugs

There is something in computer technology, called “bugs”. Simply put, these are errors in one’s code that causes a malfunction in the computer program. When there is a bug in your code, your program automatically has a malfunction which causes your program to read different results from what you create. And until a bug is

More women in tech!

Two great benefits of having more women in the tech industry are innovation and learning. Having teams made up from different walks of life showcasing different experiences and perspectives results in an intersection of varied ideas and solutions, says Sandra Teh, Chief Culture Officer, APJC at Amazon Web Services. A team that lacks innovation obviously

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