Women in Tech in Cameroon!

Women in tech in Cameroon! Of the 17 UN sustainable development goals, goal 5 happens to be arguably the most renowned which talks about “gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls”. 7 out of 10 problems faced worldwide usually surround women and the girl child advocacy. This doesn’t rule out when it

Building Business Trust

Building Business TRUST! Trust is an important component of innovation and business sustainability. It is the very basis of our social and business relationships since business has to do with people. Trust has no direct relationship with a product or service but is aided by those running the business and how well they relate with

Do not give up just yet!

Welcome to another positive week for You! We have just one word for you: DO NOT under any circumstance give up! No dear, don’t do it! You were not saved from your last effort, pain, challenge, breakdown or circumstance to give up just now. Really? Do you think its worth it? Don’t do it dear!

Tech routes, the story of Annie Easley!

There is no one route to getting into tech these days. Any and everyone anywhere can find themselves in whatever sphere of interest in the tech space. All you have to lay your hands on is your niche. Your niche is your unique selling point. It is what you do differently from others. You would

Workplace performance!

Workplace Performance. While salary increase is arguably the biggest motivating factor to push an employee to efficiency elasticity, over boarding the profit margin is the most consoling factor for every employer. Such is the drive of workplace performance! Performance in the workplace is a major driver of influence: It is very usual to hear bosses

Technological Positioning for Business Dominance!

Technological Positioning for Business Dominance. The number one factor to kick your skill-set out of the business world is the lack of technological positioning. There is really no way to make it to the global scene if you cannot make it to the “online space” (Read that again)! Making it to the online space(creating visibility)

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