07 Learning platforms and personal development opportunities for Cameroon Women in tech to access in 2023!

In recent years, technological advances have paved the way for a new era of digitally enabled learning.  A research stat estimates that the market for online learning will more than double by 2026. These trends highlight the need to understand if, and how, online platforms are serving learners in emerging tech markets, particularly women, who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

It should no longer be a surprise to know that the future of work is remote. This has pushed learning and personal development activities into remote activities. For many, the extra time created by the covid-19 pandemic has opened windows for a wide range of learning opportunities. Moreover, even with the onsite platforms available to help ladies in their tech journey, location, financial constraints and other limitations have hindered a lot of women from starting up their tech careers already.

A lot of women are thus seizing the opportunity to get virtual hands-on tech skills and personal development initiatives to prepare for the remote future of work. With the internet giving everyone the opportunity to share knowledge, a million and one sites have been created to teach women a lot about tech as many are beginning to find interest in it.

This has created a huge confusion on where to learn what. Being in the tech space for a while, and having worked with a lot of Cameroonian women, we recognize these difficulties and seek to help out. If you are a woman and find yourself in this category, are interested in tech, and are passionate about personal development, here is a list we have put together to help you. It contains the top seven virtual learning platforms for women to help you learn and develop highly sought-after tech skills in 2023. . .

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1. She codes Foundation SheCodes is here to help provide women in developing countries and women who are refugees with the opportunity to learn how to code for free. SheCodes offers a solid introduction to product development, product design and product management.

2. Women AI academy WAIA offers a wide range of services covering different needs in the AI world including educational and career-related services to women and also recruitment and auditing related service functions which work as a bridge between employers and talented motivated women

3. Udemy Get unlimited access to 19,000+ of Udemy’s top courses for your team. Learn and improve skills across business, tech, design, and more

4. Learning people As the UK’s largest online tech education and training provider they successfully deliver career-changing tech industry training within IT, Project Management and Coding. They tailor learning pathways for individuals and businesses, from novice to expert

5. Treehouse Their goal is to provide high-quality, low-cost technical instruction to anyone having an interest in coding and design. All are welcome!

6. Coursera This platform offers courses in diverse IT domains. Start, switch, or advance your career with more than 5,400 courses, Professional Certificates, and degrees from world-class universities and companies with or without prior knowledge.

7. Codefinity Helps women overcome code challenges and take their careers and businesses to new heights. Dive into theory and complete numerous practice exercises to master your coding skills.

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