The tech space is a large stretch reachable by everyone who finds it interesting to belong. There are no limits especially for women for what we can achieve.
But how can women take part in this innovation? How can we become the success stories we want? How can women who are already thriving continue to thrive?

  1. Set Expectations: Establish clear goals and expectations upfront and reinforce them often. Make sure your goals are specific enough to measure progress and provide a roadmap for success.
  2. Empower other Women to become Leaders: Whether you are at the start of your career, a senior executive, or only nursing interest in tech, empowerment is a call for all. Mentorship programs need to be strengthened to promote thought leadership, and advocate for the development of female talents across various organizations.
    For example, identify women in technical roles who have achieved success and pair them with individuals looking for guidance or advice through strategic mentoring programs or collaboration efforts within the company.
    How else can we write our success stories if not in the hearts of other women through the impact we share?
  3. Pay attention to behaviours around you: Create layers upon layers of observable behaviour from team meetings to casual conversations wherein the values appreciated or discouraged in terms of expected behaviours is clearly articulated and reinforced.
    Create an environment for positive habits to thrive cause where there’s growth, there lies success.
  4. Provide Feedback & Recognition: Reward desired discipline behaviours with feedback, recognition, and rewards that specifically encourage productive behaviour in all employees. Since this article is about empowering women success in tech, identify women especially those that ensure good behaviour, and reward them.