Graduation of maiden Cohort!

And here we are dear friends, graduating our 2022 maiden cohort of Full Stack Web developers. It has been an intense 3months of practical knowledge acquisition and we cannot wait to show you what our girls have been up to. You should get ready with your hires cause these girls will sweep you off your

Girls, how does it feel being in tech?

I stumbled on an article that sought answers to the question “Girls, how does it feel studying physics?”. It was interesting reading stories of young girls in high school who had different experiences finding themselves in the science department. Most especially were the shared experiences of girls saying many did not believe girls can choose

How to create a unique brand identity

HOW TO CREATE YOUR UNIQUE IDENTITY AS A WOMAN IN TECH! Every sector in life carries a unique identity. Tech is an identity on its own but under that umbrella are segments that provide everyone the opportunity to create for themselves a unique brand identity. There is just so many women can leverage in the

Celebrating the Girls in ICT Day

Where two or three are gathered in the name of “advancing access and safety for women in tech”, answers present! It is all about the International Girls in ICT Day, 2022: We came out fully to support the International Telecommunication Union’s initiative of setting aside a day to celebrate girls in the digital space and encourage more

Celebrating the International Girls in ICT Day, 2022!

It is with much delight that Data Girl Technologies invites you to join us for this year’s celebration of the International Girls in ICT Day 2022, created by the International Telecommunication Union This year’s celebration is under the theme “ACCESS AND SAFETY”. Data Girl Technologies is celebrating with the organizers in Cameroon African Women In Tech Startup

Women in Tech in Cameroon!

Women in tech in Cameroon! Of the 17 UN sustainable development goals, goal 5 happens to be arguably the most renowned which talks about “gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls”. 7 out of 10 problems faced worldwide usually surround women and the girl child advocacy. This doesn’t rule out when it

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