Last week Saturday the 08th of October, we graduated our 2nd cohort of Full-Stack Web Developers.

Congratulations to our Female developers💃🏻👩‍💻

Watching these students give in their all to learning and were finally able to come up with creative digital solutions was proof that our efforts did not go in vein!

3 months might seem small but is a lot of time to make a great change in your career.

We brought together students from diverse backgrounds with varying experiences yet, they were able, by the end of this cohort to build tech projects from scratch.

This is not the end, but the beginning of a whole new journey for them!

Dear hiring companies our female tech talents are ready to join you.

They’ve been equipped in Mongo-DB, Express, React, and Node-Js.(MERN stack)

We present to you an embodiments of skill, creativity, and confidence ready to shake the globe.

Get to us at for more information on how to reach these girls.

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