New Year Call 2023!

Happy New Year fervent Data Girl Techies The year is pregnant with a lot and we can’t wait to unveil all that we have in store for you this new season.Before I go on sharing our very big plans, permit me to talk to you about something very pertinent: With so many burgeoning opportunities in the

Scholarship Offer

🎄It’s Christmas and we come bearing good tidings🥳 Here is your chance to join the next cohort of Full-Stack Web Developers with us at Data Girl Technologies without paying a dime!!! Yes, you read right! Without paying a dime! Good news is, An artist who’s a big supporter of our works and goes by the name Nayah,

Do women really matter in Tech?

 I find it ridiculous whenever I come across statements such as “why do women matter in tech?” It’s like saying “a baby doesn’t need food to grow” or asking if hospitals are relevant in Africa. It is normal to have access to careers that you are qualified for regardless of your gender. But of course,

07 Learning platforms and personal development opportunities for Cameroon Women in tech to access in 2023!

07 Learning platforms and personal development opportunities for Cameroon Women in tech to access in 2023! In recent years, technological advances have paved the way for a new era of digitally enabled learning.  A research stat estimates that the market for online learning will more than double by 2026. These trends highlight the need to


Happy start of a new week, gorgeous FAM! Anything you don’t know is going to be hard at first, but if you stay the course, and put the time and effort in, it will become seamless eventually.-Jeanette Epps Let this serve as a reminder and encouragement to you: The start is not always the easiest.

Silicon Mountain Conference Participation

Last weekend which happened to be one of the best weekends for the tech community in Cameroon, turned out to be golden for us at Data Girl Tech. Tech innovators, hubs, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and founders gathered in Buea for the biggest tech event in Cameroon, to network, share, pitch, and challenge one another on

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