The other day YouTube sent out information about a new feature they’ll be introducing which is the YouTube handles. This feature will help members of the community to connect easily with each other. Now, YouTubers will be mentioned using their handles unique to their channels.

Not long ago, apple released the latest version of its operating system -ios16, and its latest smart phone, iPhone 14/14pro max.

Just the other day, Facebook released a feature update where you can switch a personal account to a ‘professional mode’ in order to help creators monetize.

Many apps are being released on a daily both locally and globally, reminding us of how our world is evolving technologically.

Not too long from now, all these updates will become obsolete🫣! And new ones will be born.

Reason for the constant ‘system updates’ you hear every now and then.

In all of these, the question you should be asking yourself is where do I fall?

How can you stay relevant and Current?

There’s only one way to find out:

💎Learn new and relevant technologies!

💎Always work on the knowledge you have to make it better.
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