Did we mention that our programs are designed to incorporate those with tech backgrounds and those without?

You don’t need to get frustrated that you couldn’t get a computer degree to be hired as a Web developer.

Your skill-set and knowledge is what will set you apart always!

Are we cancelling out degrees? Not at all!

All we are saying is, with or without a degree, you my lady, can be valuable and Contribute efficiently to the tech ecosystem.

Be like the dedicated and strong-willed Nfon Melvis, a holder of a Bsc in Banking and finance who did not waver her chances of becoming a certified full stack developer with us.

Now with her skills, she’s open to high-income tech jobs.

To top it up, her blend of tech and finance gives her a cutting edge dominance in #Fintech.

Melvis couldn’t write a line of code before she met us, but after 3months of training, she has become a MERN stack developer with a live project to her credit!

What exactly is your excuse?

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