Happy start of a new week, gorgeous FAM!

Anything you don’t know is going to be hard at first, but if you stay the course, and put the time and effort in, it will become seamless eventually.-Jeanette Epps

Let this serve as a reminder and encouragement to you:

The start is not always the easiest. Sometimes even the things you think you are great at, give you the highest pain. But does it ever stop you from forging ahead?

Do you recall the time you just started that business, course, skill or relationship? You were excited about it right? But was it easy? Maybe, maybe not!

🖊️So here’s the message for you this week: All you’ve got to hold unto is some courage and grit!

If you want it, go for it
If you find it profitable, go for it
If it makes you happy, go for it
If it is helpful, go for it!

🎶Don’t sleep don’t sleep wake up,

and go for it!

What new journey are you starting off with?

Shot the voices in your head telling you it’s hard, you can’t do it! ❌

Or that…

tech is only for boys and for the brilliant.❌

Tell yourself “even if starting is difficult, I will get to the finished line”.
To those scared of codes and dark screens😀, fear not, it is not ‘rocket science’ . We have made learning easy for you…

Let us show you how👇: