Become digitally savvy and see how fast you crush your goals this 2022!

Hey friends,

Truth be told, your end results this 2022 have “nothing and everything” to do with tech!

Let’s begin with “everything”. Say you want to grow your business, complete your school project, probably graduate, launch a new line of business, earn 7figures, get married, travel the world or better still become a father/mother, technology is your highest bet to achieve these goals.

Say you are skillful in your task and you produce one of the best products in the industry, the one who has her product online, definitely makes the most return on investment.

I’ll tell you what, the world had long moved past “exclusive traditional business ventures.” For people to know that you exist, and for you to make sales that keep you far from poverty, you must get to where you find clients: which is online of course.

Might be another truism but the million and one question is, are you practicing right?

In the “nothing”, I have this to say; You would have made little, under, and zero progress at the end of 2022 if you decide never to up your tech game. This is nothing short of the truth!

If you are reading this and are already so good, you should work hard to add to your “goodness” “excellence”!

As a women-led tech start-up, this year 2022, we are engaging more than ever to ensure that every girl we reach out to in Cameroon, either through social media, our training, and workshops, should by the end of the year not only be digitally savvy but actively involved with at least one tech skill and earning from it!

While you go about gadding this weekend, think about how to incorporate yourself into this ever-changing innovative world of tech.

Become digitally savvy, and see how fast you crush your goals this 2022!