Workplace Performance.

While salary increase is arguably the biggest motivating factor to push an employee to efficiency elasticity, over boarding the profit margin is the most consoling factor for every employer. Such is the drive of workplace performance!

Performance in the workplace is a major driver of influence: It is very usual to hear bosses either praise or curse the performance of a subordinate on a regular basis for reasons best known to them.

With the alarming increase in job seeking, switching, as well as firing, it is only safe to say performance in the workplace determines greatly your longevity in service.

Many people tend to neglect their performance in influencing decision-making in the company reason why people pick up jobs and never care what their employers think of them.

Sometimes others feel it is their duty to do what they are told, but never to add or subtract a thing(still a performance crisis).

Thinking as such is termed “roboting” and such a person will be the first to be replaced at work with a machine.

Think about your role as an individual in contributing to the overall performance of your organization.

Think about your personal performance at work and how it contributes to the growth of the company.

Think of the innovations you can leverage to push the the organization to top position in the ecosystem.

Think of why you are there and if it were your company, ask yourself if you will perform the same.

Your workplace performance is very vital to propel and influence the kind of decisions that will favor you at your workplace.

Ask yourself if you are only “ roboting” or you are a high performer.