Women in tech in Cameroon!

Of the 17 UN sustainable development goals, goal 5 happens to be arguably the most renowned which talks about “gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls”. 7 out of 10 problems faced worldwide usually surround women and the girl child advocacy. This doesn’t rule out when it comes to tech.

It is widely known that only about 37% of women worldwide operate tech-related jobs. The digital gender divide gap is alarming and although the narrative is beginning to change, the numbers are still very low.

This has led to the creation of thorns of tech groups and advocacy unions about women in tech such as; datagirltech.com, Techwomen, girls who code, She codes, Women Tech Makers, The African Enterprising Woman, African Women in Tech StartUps and the list goes on.

No one wants to like what they want and not get a chance to have it just because of their “gender”. I can bet that many more women will join tech when they realize that tech is not defined by gender(because many still believe it is a man’s world).

With so much education, enlightenment, and eye-opening going on around the world today, especially in Africa, many women are making use of the opportunities that present themselves in tech.

Oh, I need not remind you of the opportunities that governing bodies are creating for women these days: It is huge, and only smart women are getting on board.

The thing about opening your doors wide especially when giving a helping hand to whoever cares to be helped is that there is always a set that takes it for granted.

Many women have understood that the workspace is recruiting them more. Many employers have adopted the gender equality agenda and are creating more spaces for women in tech.

While some women have taken up the challenge to improve themselves to be fit for these roles, others assume It is their right, and so are “entitled”.

Here’s the thing about such women; they never get to be efficient in their roles, they always complain, they never do the work, they never get promoted, they “lazy around”, they tell one lie unto the next, they get fired or they never get hired at all!

Hear this today, being a woman in tech is not an entitlement!

It is not a right!

It is a conscious decision you make to create a difference in a space where only a particular gender is recognized!

It is proof of your ability, agility, goals, passion, effectiveness, consistency, discipline, hard work, skill, and the list goes on.

If you think you deserve that job just because you are a woman, then you got it all wrong.

If we must preach the equality gospel, we need to preach it right!

No one wants to hire you at a loss!

If you are a woman that is a plus to getting a job in tech, but there is more!

You have to attract the right favors by adding to your gender; skill, creativity, excellence, uniqueness, and all the good things that will encourage hiring managers to come for you.

You need to develop highly sought-after soft skills.

By the way, there are a billion other women vouching for that role. Why would an employer choose you?

Have this at the back of your mind before you go into tech as a woman or any other discipline. Before you apply for a role, make sure you are apt for it and not just because you are a woman!

Data Girl Technologies is an edu-tech company based in Cameroon that trains and empowers women like you to get well-payed hiring roles in the tech space in Web Development, Content creation, graphic designs, SEO, and lots more. If you want to work as a freelancer, we equally train you on how to stand out with unique skills. We pay keen attention to training women to be exceptional and excellent in prompt delivery. We understand that we are not just about closing the digital gender divide gap in Cameroon, we are equally out to ensure that our services are of high standing!

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