Every sector in life carries a unique identity. Tech is an identity on its own but under that umbrella are segments that provide everyone the opportunity to create for themselves a unique brand identity.

There is just so many women can leverage in the tech space that will help them build an identity that stands out.

It is very possible to offer the same or similar services but with different brands which altogether stands for two different things.

Your unique identity should represent your personality and what you promise clients.

In other words, what should people expect when they think of you?

Be able to present a name that people can remember.
Create a specific symbol that speaks a thousand words
Create a presence at “strategic spotlights” where your client base is found, for example, be able to have an optimized website and social media platforms.

Do not only ‘eat, talk and sleep tech’ but let your content always reflect your mission/vision in that space.
Build networks with people in your space that do the same as you. When you hang around people who share same values with you, you will be able to identify what makes you different, then leverage it!

The list is inexhaustible, but with these, be sure to calf out what exactly you are on and about.

Remember that the space will one day become saturated and only those who were able to set their frame of work will be standing!

If you are already in the space or coming in, have these in mind and start working on your unique identity. Being called a woman in tech is not enough! Be able to represent something unique to you!