I stumbled on an article that sought answers to the question “Girls, how does it feel studying physics?”.

It was interesting reading stories of young girls in high school who had different experiences finding themselves in the science department.

Most especially were the shared experiences of girls saying many did not believe girls can choose physics which happens to be one of the most “difficult” science subjects or better still, the subject for boys.

This was a research carried out in 2017 in the West by a group of researchers under Springer Open Blog.

Findings from this research revealed that “knowledgeable, caring science teachers, supportive school science cultures, and supportive family members can help sustain girls’ interest and confidence in doing science at school.”

This finding is so apt, especially in STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Take a general example in real life: When you have little or no encouragement from anyone around you even in the things you are passionate about, it weighs on you. It is painful and carrying your burdens all by yourself.

Having people to push, correct and encourage you is a blessing.

To the few girls who find themselves in fields known
“only for boys”, I encourage you to own it with your full chest!

Girls are the future of tech. You have every right whatsoever to take on whatever job you desire. Pursue it like it is your last and enjoy it like it is your best.

See yourself in the limelight and shine forth in the path you choose.

datagirltech is proudly a trailblazer to every girl who dreams it in Cameroon.

Our doors are open to receive you!

Food for thought: How does it feel being a tech girl?

I feel like a superwoman!