While many have found reasons to work from home these days, some are out to figure out how effective that is to the future. Whether or not you agree to the fact that the future of work is remote, there is one thing you cannot deny: that there has been a great shift of work from the office to “out of the office”.

People are no longer tied to desktops or a particular building. It looks like everyone is “idly busy”. We seem not to officially be working, but we unofficially are never without work. Remote work is breathing life in the world today. The question we seek to address, based on research is;

Is the future of work remote?

From a research carried out, Forbes predicted that remote work was going to increase in 2021, and by 2025, 70% of work will be done remotely. The pieces of evidence are already becoming clear given that since the outbreak of the covid-19, many companies switched to remote work and have since then stayed that way.

Looking at the number of job opportunities that come up each day, many companies request for remote workers. This is because a lot of CEOs pay more attention to effectiveness and productivity rather than presence. Research even proves that many employees feel more comfortable delivering outside the office. This is because people feel more negative pressure to work when being bossed around.

Contrary to popular opinion, most people would rather deliver their best when they are given the opportunity to do so without any supervision. Although remote work still requires serious supervision, it is proven to be less than office work. Not that the workflow changes but that what was done physically is done virtually giving some sense of freedom that everyone desires.

Remote work is the new trend of this digital age and with the way, work is advancing these days, it is most likely to stay that way.

But what should be of intrigue in this conversion should be how to become/stay “remotely employable”. This does not go without you learning a tech skill that will enhance your digital agility.

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