Last weekend was an exciting weekend for us at Data Girl Technologies.

We graduated our maiden cohort of Full-Stack Web Developers and we had them showcase a product of their three months stay with us.

Trust me when I say we are the best at honing. You need to see some of the digital solutions that these Full-Stacks developed.

We can confidently tell our recruiters to trust us because what we have is the best of the best!

In fact, some of these students we just graduated are already off the market!

Our girls in their own words to us, during the graduation ceremony, said “Today we stand as full stack web developers, ready to spread our wings and fly to better and greater opportunities. Standing as ambassadors of Data Girl Technologies ready to spread the word about this great company. We believe that this is the end of this journey but rather the beginning of an even greater adventure.”

If you desire to be part of this life-changing experience of becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer, here is your chance.

We are already receiving applications for cohort 2.

Apply at