The conversations around Full-Stack Web Development of recent has shifted from the “what” and “how”, to conversations on “time frame”. You can easily find a conversation around “time frame” when flyers troll the internet carrying information such as “learn python in two weeks and become a professional”. 

Some months ago, when we announced the launch of our Full-Stack Web Development coding boot camp, someone left a comment under the post with the words “we should stop misleading people and we should be honest with ourselves: It is impossible to become a Full-Stack Developer in 3months.” Such statements shouldn’t be made without proper research. We understood their concern anyway, many people are yet to understand the dynamics of web development.

This brings us to the question of how long does one need to become a Full-Stack Web Developer?  There are a lot of factors to consider when considering the time it will take to learn. It moves from level of experience to availability, to the learning course, and timeline.

Let us begin with your level of experience: Becoming a Full Stack will depend on your level of experience. If you are a beginner, you probably are new to tech and have no idea about coding. Learning how to code will definitely be more challenging and require more time. You could as well be a tech enthusiast, meaning you have some basic knowledge about coding and you are highly motivated to learn more. For example university students studying computer engineering. And finally, you could be a professional or might have had some good coding experience but you want to improve or gain in-depth in a particular language. For example, a backend developer wants to learn the front end. The time taken therefore has a lot to do with your level of experience. However, it is very possible for the beginner, the enthusiast, and the professional to learn in the same environment and time, but the beginner particularly, will need to give in more effort and extra hours to fully grab concepts.

Availability: Also, the time you take to learn is greatly dependent on your availability. There are in-person training and online training that has already been prepared to help you in your journey of becoming a Full-Stack. How much you are able to acquire within a given time frame is greatly dependent on how much time you invest in learning. Let us take the example of an online training platform like W3school, Udemy, or Freecodecamp. Its curriculum is already set, all you have to do is avail yourself. If you decide to dedicate 2 hours daily to learning,won’t you take a long time learning compared to the one who dedicates 8 hours?

 For those who go for in-person training like those offered at, a curriculum is already set as well, and a time frame of learning is given. What will help you learn fast or be able to deliver results at the set time frame is the extra hours you dedicate out of class. This goes to say that, beginners, can start with no knowledge in code to Full-Stack if you give yourself fully every day within those 90-100days of code as well as an enthusiast can perfect their skill within the same time frame. 

To top it all up, your level of experience, and your availability, will lead you to the level of Full-Stack if and only if you follow the right course and timeline. your journey toward becoming 

Learning course and timeline: The best learning course to follow in order to become a Full-Stack Web Developer is a coding Bootcamp. Coding Bootcamps are designed to prepare students for employment as fast as possible, and so tend to offer intensive practical training and in-demand skills. Regardless of your previous experience, boot camps provide marketable skills and employability. Enrolling in a boot camp is the best consideration for a Full stack developer especially given that most boot camps offer part-time, full-time, in-person, and online options suitable to a variety of learner schedules.

Considering the primary purpose of a boot camp, its curriculum for the Full Stack course is prepared to get you employment ready. That is why a beginner, with no prior experience, after going through a 3-months boot camp training will easily get hired as a Full-Stack unlike a University graduate with a degree in computer engineering. 

According to statistics from the 2017 indeed study, 80% of employers hire boot camp graduates and 98.8% of them think that they would employ more boot camp graduates over and over again.

These statistics should already tell you that boot camps are the key to becoming a Full-Stack developer in no time. In case you choose to go for a 3months program with, be ready to give in your all as required so you can learn all that is needed to secure a job within 3months of learning.

About the timeline, you can use 3 months to learn, 6 months as well as 1year depending on how available you are to the learning course. Boot camps are usually intensive and need you to dedicate at least 8hours daily to learn and practice. Your level of discipline and input will likely determine how long you take to complete projects as well as grab concepts.

NB: No matter the course and timeline you give into learning, you should always remember that growth comes from daily practice. 

Also note that no matter the amount of money you pay, and the training you attend, not everything will be learned even in the next five years of learning. Improvements are made a year in and out, and so is progress, All that you need to learn are the fundamentals that can help you build projects and practice daily. Once these concepts are established, the rest is up to you!

So, is it possible to become a Full-Stack Web Developer in 3 months? 

YES, it is especially when you know your level of experience, you avail yourself and choose the right learning course and timeline necessary to prepare you for the job market.